Sunday 23 June 2024

Twilight – an uncelebrated moment of the day

Twilight – an uncelebrated moment of the day


It's twilight... That time of the day... When the light fades into the gentle darkness... Birds return to their nests, a soothing breeze caresses the warmth of daylight away, as I lay comfortably in bed, i can hear crickets chirping, someone blowing the "sankh" to greet evening, a smell of snack is oozing through the window into my nostril, and my neighbour listening to evening news... The twilight, it comes everyday almost at the same time, yet we heed no special attention to it, is a magical moment.... It can activate feelings you might not feel the entire day, some days when I walk back to my room from work at this time, I feel the fatigue of work, someday I just feel happy to think tomorrow I'll go home, see my mother's smiling face, someday twilight makes me sad when I see young lovers enjoying together, hoping to get the same twilight again and again, my heart yearns for my beloved who's far away from me, same time looking at the twilight and thinking one day we'll meet under this crimson coloured sky.

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Often I notice a balloon seller, selling ballons in a busy street lights, busses are coming and going, taking working people to home, to their loved ones, many kids gasp in awe and nag their parents to buy a Balloon, that 5 Rs Balloon giving them a smile which is too pure to witness, I can't help but let out a giggle, on my way to room there's a temple of God Krishna, they sing hymn at that time, as I walk past the temple I see elderly people sitting with their palms closed to pray for wellbeing of their family, some shed tears reminiscing about their loved ones, a cow resides just beside the temple grazing and shaking his head almost in the rhythm of the tune of kirtan... As I walk further, I see vendors are busy making egg rolls, chowmin, paanipuri, tea and other delicacy... They are always busy serving the customers, I feel twilight means money to them, a means to provide bread butter and shelter to their family....

Today I'm home on a Sunday twilight writing my everyday interaction with this fraction of an hour, called twilight... It's quite uncelebrated event which makes me sad. It's different for every single person, it evokes emotions which we don't feel the rest of our day, it brings back memories of past, gives hope of a prospering future, as this moment is finally leaving for today, I bid adieu the twilight with a smile hoping to see it tomorrow, it makes me excited to wonder what my dear friend will bring tomorrow... Until then good twilight.......