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If the Contact form doesn't work properly, You can mail me at for any queries or you can request me any song to be translated. You can give me some suggestions as well. Hope you love my blog. Keep visiting and shower your love at me and my blog. 

When requesting for song Translations, please add Subject "Request Song Translation" it's easier for me to find the mails that way, most people who complain about Late request grants, are those who hadn't added any subject... I get countless mails everyday so when readers send mails, I can't find them easily, that's why please add a subject, everyday I filter mails with "Request Song Translation" so it'll be very easy for me to see the mails.
Update: I have created pages on most of the popular social media sites, if you want faster replies, you can contact me on my social pages, you can request song translations or quotes there as well. 

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