You & Me

This is an interaction between me and each one of my readers, I’ve been into translating Indian songs since December 2017. Over 11 million times my song translations were read by people all over the world, got to meet so many wonderful people who showered me praises, love and smile of affection, I’m grateful to all of you, in 3 weeks will complete its 1st year. It started with little baby steps and now it has taken a special place in so many people’s life.
It’s so wonderful to see all your mails showering me love and requesting songs and so many others. I try my best to translate all the songs, but the things you might not know, I always say REAL MEANING, because while writing the translations I don’t just translate them I try to portray the real meaning or feeling of the song/lyricist. Sometimes I keep listening to a song for more than 3-4 hours just so that I can write with true feeling even though I could have translated in 15 minutes. isn’t just another lyrics site, it’s a site which tries to bring people closer, through my efforts at least now a south Indian knows what a broken hearted Bengali lover says, and maybe a Bengali got to know how a Punjabi guy is flirting his love interest. Some Russian got to know what Chogada meant whereas some South African fan girls got to know what Raftaar is saying in Sheikh Chilli. The examples are countless and the joy is boundless.
If something like the things I just mentioned happened to you, then you’re a part of family. Since I have a big family now, I need to answer some questions I frequently get and some complaints I have, Hope we can continue this.

Q. Why don’t you translate South Indian Songs?

A. This is the most common question I get almost every 3 days, I am really sorry I don’t know Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. And I don’t know if anyone is willing to teach me.

Q. Why you take quite long times sometimes to translate the songs even though the song is not much difficult to understand?

A. I don’t just translate the songs, I always try to express the real meaning behind the song, and meaning and translations are two different things, so sometimes I intentionally take longer time to put the translation and meaning of a song, I publish it, only when I understand the real Meaning and I’m able to publish it with proper meaning.

Q. What is your mother tongue?

A. I am a Bengali, so Bangla is my mother tongue, I got to know Hindi through Bollywood movie, and I learnt (still learning) Punjabi to translate the songs, and I will be happy if anyone can help me learn another new language.

Q. Why don’t you translate all the Punjabi songs?

A. I’m still learning Punjabi and hence I don’t know all the meaning of words that is the reason I can’t translate all the Punjabi songs, because I want to post with perfection.

I’ll update this page as I get more questions by you guys. I have some complaints I want to express, every day I get so many mails, from so many countries but I never got any mail from any Bangladeshi readers to translate and Bangladeshi songs. I have so many readers in Bangladesh, but none of them requested me to translate a Bangladeshi song, I got request to translate Pakistani songs and I did translate quite a few songs. And I did translate 3 Bangladeshi songs but didn’t get them as requests I just did them because I liked them, but it’s impossible for me to keep track of every song that get released, that’s where the song request kicks in, you guys always tell me your favorite songs to be translated and I do them as fast as I can. Just no Bangladeshi song translation yet.

It’s a general conversation between me with you, if you want to say more about how you feel about you can mail me on:; you can find me on all major social media platforms, type (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to find me. Keep visiting and spread love.