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Purpose: As a proud Indian, I want whole world to know how rich India is when it comes to feelings, emotions and romance. And there is no better way than to use music to express the inner emotions, here in this blog, my purpose is to illustrate the real inner meaning of Indian songs (mostly Hindi, Bengali, and Punjabi) in simple English language.

About Me: I’m 27 years old Indian guy, I’m a passionate blogger and love writing. I have fair share of experience in blogging, SEO. I love to listen to song all the time (while travelling, writing or doing work out, even when I sleep songs play with earphones on). I love spending lots of time sitting in front of computer to blog, , like all Indian I’m a die-hard Cricket lover, I play video games on my free time, The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt is my most favourite Video Game of all time. I love to take pictures of nature. You can catch me on Facebook, Twitter to stalk.

UPDATE: I have a full time job in Indian Bank, so you can congratulate me, and also that is the reason I've not been able to reply to so many mails of late, but I've not stopped translating songs and I update my blog everyday...

About Indilyrics: Indilyrics.in is my childhood dream, I wanted to express the inner meanings of Indian songs especially Bengali songs which have simple lyrics with deep hearty messages. Writing the translations take lots of concentration, emotions and passion. And I will be very satisfied if the readers find the blog helpful, it’s such a pleasure when renowned Lyricists, Singers and Music composers appreciate my articles. I will keep working hard and post all the latest songs with inner meanings, you can even request your favorite songs to translate, I’ll try my hardest to translate that as fast as possible. Keep visiting indilyrics.in and pour your love.