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Husn by Anuv Jain | Full Song Lyrics with English Translation and Real Meaning Explanation | Vidushi Kaul, Tejas Ravishankar

Husn by Anuv Jain Full Song Lyrics with English Translation and Real Meaning Explanation, the heartbreaking love song has been composed, written and sung by Anuv Jain, the music video stars Tejas Ravishankar and Vidushi Kaul, the music of this song is available under the label of Anuv Jain.

The audio mp3 version of Husn by Anuv Jain is free to stream from Gaana, Wynk, JioSaavn and other online music portals.

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Husn by Anuv Jain Song Lyrics with English Translation and Real Meaning


Haan… haan….


Dekho dekho kaisi baatein yehan ki

See the discussions around,

Hai saath par hai saath na bhi

I’m with you but you’re not with me at all,

Kya itni aasaan hai…

Do you think it’s easy?


Dekho dekho jaise mere irrade

See the way my intentions are,

Waise kaha tere yeha they

Have your intentions been alike ever?

Haan kitni naadaan main…

Yeah, I’m so childish.


Mere husn ke ilawa kabhi

For a change, other than my body

Dil bhi maang lo na

Please wish for my heart once,

Haye pal mein..

In an instant,

Main pighal jaun haan….

All my sorrows will disappear.


Ab aisa na karo ke

Please don’t treat me in a way, that

Dil judna paaye wapis

The crack of my heart won’t conceal ever,

Teri baaton se

Just by your words

Bikhar jaun haan…

My heart shatters.


Mana zamaana hai deewana

I admit this world is your admirer,

Ishiliye tune na jaana

That’s the reason you never realized,

Tere liye main kaafi hoon

That I’m enough for you to be happy


Dekho dekho yeh zamaane se thak kar

When you get tired of this world,

Atey ho kyun masoom bann kar

You come to me being so innocent.

Tere liye main kya hi hoon… haaan….

What am I to you actually?


Phir aatey kyun yahaan

Why do you come to me?

karne aankhon mein ho baarish

Why do you make my eyes rain so much?

Ab aaye toh theher jaayo na…

Now that you’re here, please stay,

Aur pucho na zara mere din ke baare mein bhi

Ask me how my day was,

Bas itne mein sambhal jaun haan….

That will be enough for me to be alright.


Haan ek din kabhi koi

One day when someone,

Jab bhi padhe kahani teri

Would read your biography,

Lagta mujhe mere naam ka

I think that, even a single instance of my name,

Zikr nahin bhi hoga nahin

Won’t occur in that book.


Aaa…. Haan main yahin

Yes I am right here in front of you,

Meri yeh aankhon mein aankhon mein toh dekho

Please look into my eyes, please stare,

Dekho yeh dil ka haal kya

See how my heart is aching,

Hothon se hota na bayaan

My lips are unable to express the pain.

Meri yeh aankhon mein

So, just look into my eyes,

Aankhon mein toh dekho

Please try to read my eyes


Kaisa Naseeb hai mera

Oh, how horrible my fate is,

Milke bhi na mujhe mila

I’m yours but you’re not mine at all

Meri yeh aankhon mein aankhon mein toh dekho

Please look into my eyes just for once,


Teri adhuri si wafa

This halfhearted faithfulness of yours,

Maangu main maangu aur na

I don’t want it anymore, not anymore.

Meri yeh aankhon mein aankhon mein toh dekho…

My eyes, please look into my eyes


Dekho dekho kaisi kheenchi lakeerein

See this boundary that’s drawn between us,

Chaahe bhi dil toh bhi na jeete

Even if my heart wants, it can’t cross this

Main iss daud mein nahin

I’m not even in the race to win you


Dekho dekho kaisi baatein yahaan ki

See the discussions around,

Baatein yahi dekhoon jahaan bhi

This is a hot topic everywhere.

Main is daur se nahin….

I think I don’t belong near you.