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Ek Raat by Vilen Full Audio Song Lyrics with English Translation and Real Meaning Explanation

Ek Raat by Vilen Full Song Lyrics with English Translation and Real Meaning Explanation. The heart breaking sad song is composed, written and sung by Vilen. The music is available on Darks Music Company. The audio mp3 version of Ek Raat by Vilen is free to download and stream from Gaana, Saavn, SoundCloud.
The song shows a man cheated by his love of life fall in depression and how he slowly got far from everyone and on a sleepless night on the street interacting with strangers and with himself, how he fall in love with himself and won the fight over depression of love, a truly heart touching song with deep lyrics, Read the translation below:
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Ek Raat | Vilen Song Lyrics with English Translation and Real Meaning

Churaya hi kyun jab vo todna hi tha
Why did you steal my heart when you wanted to break it?
Dil vi woh tuta hai jo mere paas nehi...
My heart which you broke isn’t even present in me
Dikhaya hi kyun jab muh modna hi tha
Why showed your face when you wanted to turn back on me?
Seene mein hawa toh hai par woh saans nehi
There’s oxygen in my lungs but there’s no heartbeat

Mere paas nehi hai koi saath nehi hai
I don’t even have a shoulder to cry on
Jo batade mujhe baat ye khaas nahi...
Not even someone who’d say she’s not worth your tears
Dil udaas sahi hai koi aas nehi hai
My heart is upset and it can’t find any hopes in life
Pagli aankhon ki nami hai ye barsaat nehi..
It’s the moisture of my crazy eyes, not tears

Main bhi na jaane kaha kho gaya tha
I was living in delusion, don’t know where I got lost
Zindegi bhi mujhse khafa ho gayi
That my life even got upset with me
Jis din ki issh dil ne khudse mohabbat
That day when my started loving itself
Toh zindegi bhi mujhpe fida ho gayi
My life felt flattered at me instantly

Mere paas nahi hai koi saath nahi hai
I don’t have anyone close to me right now
Or na hai ab kisika intezar kahi
And honestly I don’t even want anyone anymore
Tere baare mein na sochun aisi raat nehi hai
There’s not a single night when I don’t have your thoughts
Par tu tode dil mera teri aukaad nehi...
But your thoughts aren’t worthy enough to break my heart

Aankhon mein dhuaan tha maine dekha hi nehi
My eyes were barricaded by fog so I couldn’t see that
Khushi peeche hi thi khadi daabe ye haasi
Happiness was standing just behind me; along with my smile
Dil bhi bola sunn baaware aankhiyon ke dushman
Even my heart said; listen crazy guy, enemy of your own eyes
Naa main kabhi tuta tha na khoya tha kabhi
I was neither broken nor lost anywhere even for a moment
 Tere paas yehi hu ye awaaz main hi hoon
I am right here and this voice you hearing is mine
Ye kahani teri meri hai zamaane ki nehi
This story is yours and mine, it has nothing to do with world
Main dhadakta rahu tu bhi yun hasta rahe
I will keep breathing and you’ll keep smiling always
Duniya jaaye saali bhaad mein koi parwa hi nahi...
Let this bitchy world go to hell we won’t care anymore

Ek raat jaaga main maine dekha the saweera....
I spent a sleepless lonely night and I found my morning