Bol Khelegi Kya | Gajendra Verma ft. Sana | Full Audio Song Lyrics with English Translation and Real Meaning

Bol Khelegi Kya Full Hindi Song Lyrics with English Translation and Real Meaning Explanation from music album FLIP by Gajendra Verma. The groovy Rap track is composed, written and sung by one and only Gajendra Verma... The music is available under the label of Virtual Planet Music.
The Audio mp3 version of Bol Khelegi Kya is free to download from Gaana, Wynk, JioSaavn and other major online music portals. The music video of Khelegi Kya stars Gajendra Verma and Sana.

P.S. I’m grooving while translating.... :P
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Khelegi Kya Song Lyrics with English Translation and Real Meaning

Yeah... yeah... Mmm... Yeah.... aaye... Ohhooo....

Bolo na...
Talk to me na...
Tujhe dekha toh
As soon as I saw you
Tujhpe lutaya hai dil
I devoted my heart to you
Kya karun
What can I do?
Tere hathon mein hai
It’s in your hand now
Chaahe toh tu dil tod de
If you want, you can break my heart
Haan bol de... Oh yeah....
Or you can accept my love

Jo aaya main teri gali mein
If I come to your lane
Tum aaogi kya
Would come to me?
Mere baare mein bataogi kya
Would you tell others about me?
Yeh soch le...
Think about it

Oh na na...

Dil ki raahon pe chalna toh
Walking on the path of heart
Aasaan nahi hai
It’s not easy at all
Oh na na...

Jo tu saath mere toh..
If you’re with me
Sab kuch sahi hai... haan...
Everything would be perfect

Oh na na...

Dil ke khel mein
In the game of heart
Hoon main kamzor sa jaaneja..
I’m slightly inexperienced
Par kya... bol khelegi kya... aanh...
But still would you like to play?
Khel.. khel.. gilli-danda
The game of balls and stick (no bad meaning)
Gilli.. gilli-danda gilli-danda
Game of ball and stick (game of love)
Aa aa aa aa aa yeah...

Chalta hai ke nahi
Is it okay or not?
Tujhe chalta hai ki
Is it okay to you, if
Main tere piche piche aake
I stalk you and
Ghumun phirun naachun gaaun
Flirt you, dance and sing around you?

Ya tujhse main nazrein miaalun
Or if I meet my eyes with yours
Farak padta hai ke nahi..
Does it make a difference or not?
Bata ke mera piche aana
Tell me, if me following you everywhere
Tujhe chalta hai ke nahi...
Is okay to you or not

Mere doston ka satana
The tease of my friends,
Tujhe chalta hai ke nahi
Would you accept it?
Chalta hai kya
Would you agree the way
Tujhko mera paas aana
I come close to you
Paas aake dur jaana
And then wandering far after coming close
Dur jana padta hai ke nahi...
Does it bother you when I go far from you?

Mere ghar ke raaste mein
The theater which’s on the way to my house
Jo theater hai uspe le jaaunga
I’d take you there
Do corner ki ticket le aaunga
I’ll bring two corner seat tickets
Tujhe Shahrukh ki picture dikhaunga
I’ll take you to watch Shahrukh Khan’s movie

Chandi chowk ke parathe khila ke
I’d feed you famous Parathas of Chandni Chowk
Tujhe upar se butter lagaunga
And I’d try to flatter you with sweet flirts
Haan upar se butter lagaunga
Yeah, I’d flirt you with sweet talks
Haan haan... phir tu khelegi kya...
Would you agree to play with me then?
Khelegi kya... haa... aa aa......
Would you play?

Bol khelegi kya...
Say, would you play?
Khelegi kya... Khelegi kya...
Would you play with me?
Khelegi kya.. tu mere saath park mein
Would you play with me in the park?
Uncle aur aunty saamne
In front of your parents
Main gypsy pe tujhko bulaunga
I’d call you from my Gypsy car
Tab tu aayegi kya
Would you come to me that time?
Tu aayegi kya... bata...
Tell me, if you’d come or not

Main ek ghanta ghanta
Hours after hours
Teri sadak ke nukkad pe
I’d wait on the corner of your street
Khada rehke bitaunga
I’d spend entire time standing
Aayegi kya.. bol
Would you come then?
Bol aayegi kya...
Say if you’d come
Tu aayegi kya...
Would you come?

To bol main poori raat poora din
Entire nights and entire days
Tere saath ab main bitana chahun
I want to spend with you now
Ab tujhe saari duniya ghumana chahun
I want to take you to world tour
Bol tu bata bata...
Tell me, just tell me
Bata kya chahiye tujhko..
What do you desire?
Main tujhko laake dunga...
I’d bring anything you want

Tujhko apna fb ka password bata ke dunga
I’d even give you my Facebook Password
Jo bhi bol haan...
Whatever you’d want
Jo bhi bol...
Just say it

Mujhe pata nehi
I don’t know,
Abhi mujhe shabd bhi aarahe nehi
I can’t even remember any words
Aarahe nahi hai...
Words aren’t coming to my lips

Jab pata chalega toh
When I’d get to know,
Tujhko bataunga ke main
I’ll tell you
Ke main kya kya leke aaunga..
What I’d bring for you

Tu bol khelegi kya...
Just tell me would you play with me
Bol khelegi kya... bol khelegi kya...
Say, would you play with me?
Haan haan haan haan...
Bol bol bol khelegi kya...
Tell me if you’re going to play
Bol khelegi kya... bol bol khelegi kya
Say, are you going to play?
Haan ok bye...

Khelegi.. khelegi naa...
Would you play?