Monday 29 October 2018

Sheikh Chilli | Raftaar | Full Song Lyrics with English Translation and Real Meaning explanation

Sheikh Chilli full Song Lyrics with English Translation and Real Meaning explanation from latest Single track by Raftaar, The song is Raftaar’s reply to another Rapper Emiway Bantai’s Diss song (disrespecting songs on someone) on Raftaar, The song is composed by Raftaar & Instine, the Lyrics is easily identified to be penned by Raftaar with good amount of Sarcasm mixed reality. The music is available only on Raftaar’s own company.

Sheikh Chilli | Raftaar | Lyrics | Picture | Meaning

Sheikh Chilli is used in this song to describe someone who lives in his imaginary fairytale land, who is in delusion, and someone who needs to be awaken up to face the harsh reality.

Sheikh Chilli Song Lyrics with English Translation and Real Meaning

Yeah Raftaar...

I’m sad yeh karna pada yaar
I’m sad that I had to do this (that I had to make this song)
Sheikh Chilli... Sheikh chilli... Sheikh chilli


Tu bhai nehi yani ki tu bantai nehi hai
You’re not my brother, not even my bro
Tu bantai chhod tu toh banda hi nehi hai
What brother, you’re not even a man
Chup rahna mera banta hi nahi
I shouldn’t be silent about this
Mujhe sab dikhta hai meri band eye nahi hai
I can see everything, my eyes are not closed

Tera bhai babu bhand high nahi hai
Your bro (Raftaar) is not a con or dope guy
Woh sach bolta hai sach jamta hi nahi hai
He speaks the truth, doesn’t distort the truth
Tere mere jaise bohat kare kaam
There are so many rappers like you and me
Par scene mein koi khaas zyada dhanda hi nahi
But there’s not much profit in the scene as of now

Sacchai yehi hai ki opportunity nahi
The truth is that there’s not much opportunity present
Sacchai yehi hai logon mein nahi unity
The truth is there’s no unity among the people in this business
Ego hai pahaad pe
The Egi is as high as mountains
Ya khud chane ke jhaad pe
Or some people think themselves very highly
Yah khud ki mudke chaatein
Or they praise about themselves everywhere
Bolein duniya mujhko poojti...
Claim the world worships him (those unworthy rappers)

Main tera bhai tera bhai
I am your brother
Jo tu nahi mera bhai
If you are not my brother
Toh tabahi hai tabahi
Then you are disgusting
Tu hoga high mere bhai
You may be high on weed my bro
Jo tuney sunke interview
That you heard about the interview
Akal nahi chaalayi
And you didn’t use your brain

Kadak bann matt ban tu dhokla
Be firm not hollow inside
Aankalmand nahi chhote tu to nikloa dogla
You’re not intelligent kid, you’re just an attention seeker
Ladakpan mein bhi nikla not hard
Even in fighting you don’t seem hard enough
Sadak band aage band naaka tere road ka
The road ahead is closed for you, nowhere to go

Yaad dilaaun kya.. Aye aye...
Should I remind you?
Yaad dilaun kya chhotte...
Should I remind you kid?
Yaad dilaaun kya
Should I remind you?

Yaad dilaun tu milne ko aaya tha
Remember you came to meet me?
Maine bulaaya tha
I called for the meeting
Saath bithaya tha
I let you sit with me
Khaana khilaya tha
I fed you dinner
Wapas na bheja hotel mein sulaya
I didn’t let you leave, I let you sleep in hotel
Bandra ke studio mein booking karaya
I booked the music studio in Bandra for you

Purple Haze Studios

Naam yaad mein aaya kya
Remember this studio’s name?
Studio wala kiraaya tujhse bharaya kya
Did I let you pay the rent for the studio?
Apne se pichhe bataaya kya
Did I place you behind me?
Apne se neeche dikhaya kya
Did I ever present you as worse than me?

Apne seene se lagaya tha
I embraced you with love
Kitni khushi se main gaana karaya tha dub tera
I let you sing with so much happiness

Tab tera tewar alag tha
Your attitude was so different
Tu ladka kadak tha
You were rocking
Mujhe aaya tujhpe bhi pyaar ghazab ka
I loved you like anything
Toh likha tera aadha verse sadak ka
That’s why I penned some lyrics which was shitty

Aaja mukadama bithata hoon
Come let’s set up a judge court
Sadma laga hai toh baad mein aata hoon
If you are suffering from trauma then I can postpone this
Tujhko to yaad hi hoga
You must remember
Jo yaad nahi hai to yaad dilata hoon
But if you don’t, then let me remind you

Viral na hota se label ka rok nahi
There’s nothing between “Viral na hota” and “music label”
Yeh line’on ka raaz tu kabhi nahi kholega
I know you can’t reveal the secret of the above mentioned line
Maa ki kasam mujhe ab teri baari
Swear on mom’s life
Tu saccha musalman jhooth nahi bolega
If you’re a true Muslim, you won’t lie
Jhooth nahi bolega
You won’t lie
Yeh ladka jhooth nahi bolega
This lad can’t lie anymore
Yeh kuch bhi nahi bolega
He won’t say anything
Thoda bhi nahi ab yeh mute hi ho lega
He won’t say anything now, he’ll go mute now

Dukh hai ke mujhko batana pada
The sad thing is I had to say all this
Jatana nahi tha
I didn’t want to say all these favors I did for you
Jataana padaa
But you forced me to remind you all this
Mere ghar pe tu dish kha ke
You ate at my house
Mujhpe hi diss laaya
And now you are making Diss Song on me (disrespecting song)
Mujhko bhi langar lagana pada
So I had to sing these things in front of world

Naache tu flow mein.. aye
You danced in full flow
Mere Delhi ke show pe.. aye
In my show on Delhi
Maine sabse milaya tha... aye
I introduced you to every high level celebs that day
Khud peechhe ka hoke
While I took the back seat

Mumbai mein show tha
I had the show on Mumbai
Tu mera bro tha
You were my bro
Bro hi na hota to show pe na hota
If you weren’t my bro, then you wouldn’t be a part of that
Maine tujhe sirf ijjat dilayi hai
I just earned you respect from everyone
Bhai ko dukh hai ki ijjat pe aayi hai
Your bro (Raftaar) is hurt today that now it’s all about pride
Ijjat kama ke na ijjat ganwa
Don’t lose hard earned respect so cheaply
Show pe jo the woh hain mere gawaah
Those who were present in the show are the witness
Ungli daba chhote mutthi bana
Kid unite your fingers make a strong fist
Gussa tu kar par munh ko na sadaa
Get angry but don’t abuse people

Bachpana.. bachpana
Childish silly act...
Bachkaani baatein band kar zara sach bata
Leave the childish claims, now speak the truth
Paise ki baat hi nahi thi
There’s nothing about money
Maine bola DIVINE bada hai tu tab sada
I said DIVINE (another rapper) is good, offended you
Aaj ka sach yehi hai
This is today’s truth actually
Ki haal filhal uski ijjat badi hai.. Badi hai
He is widely respected today

Tu picture mein aa raha hai chhote
You are now making progress in the scene kid
Naezy aur uspe woh picture bani hai
But remember, the picture is based on Naezy and DIVINE

Sach.. chalti hai gully gully Gully Gang
Only truth flows here
Tabhi to Emi ki jali jali jali gand
That’s why Emi’s butt got hurt
Halki hai baatein.. heavy bas slang
Words are very weak, but slangs are heavy (in Emiway’s raps)
Kal ka hai tu.. halka hai tera plan
You just came yesterday, your plan is very weak

Samajh mein aaya kya.. Samajh mein aaya
Now you got everything?
Magaj mein aaya.. Magaj mein aaya
Everything is now understandable to your brain?
Yaad mein aaya kya...Yaad mein...
Now do you remember everything?
Main tere baad mein aaya kya
Did I come after you?

Chillane se bante gaane kya
Does music come from shouting?
Chillane se bante shaane kya
Do you think shouting can make you look cool?
Yede chaale karke public ko banare ye
Making false propaganda you’re trying to fool public
Public mein andhe ya kaane kya
Do you think audience are blind?

Janta ki shamtahai mamta bhi degi
People’s (fans) strength gives you love
Aur jamta nahi hai to ghanta hi degi
If there’s no fans, then what will you get?
Baaton ka matlab badal ke batane se
Did you think saying something distorting the facts
Soche ki jaldi se janta badhegi
Can you win many new fans?

Bhai se seedha tu chhote pe.. nah
You directly addressed me from Bro to inferior?
Umar mein mujhse yeh chhote hain.. haan
You are younger to me in age
Seekha maine tujhko apna banake ki
But I learnt something from you as bro,
Apne hi kameene hote hain
That, close ones are the back stabbers here
Kameene hote hain
They are backstabbers
Apne hi kameene hote hain
The ones you think close, are the backstabbers

Samajh mein aa gaya chhote mujhko
Now I got this kid,
Samajh mein aa gaya
I have understood everything about this game now
Aye.. haah
(Letting out a sigh after this long rap)

Chal kuch baat aur
Ok, here are some things I should say
Dhyaan se sun na
Listen to it carefully
Tu mujhe chhota bola
You called me small (inferior)
Kyun ki ego teri hurt hai
Because your ego is hurt
Main tujhe chhota bola
I called you small
Kyun ki aath saal ka fark hai
Because there’s 8 years of age gap
Chhote tu Shahrukh nahi
Kid you’re not Shahrukh (Shahrukh Khan)
Shahrukh bas ek hai
There’s only on Shahrukh
Aur tu Shahrukh Sheikh nahi
And you’re not even Shahrukh Sheikh
Shahrukh snake hai
You’re rather Shahrukh Snake

Sachai hai yeh gaana nahi diss
This is just a song made with truths, not a Diss Song
Samajh mein aaya kya..
Do you understand this???????